When asked how he'd best describe fellow poet J.E. rome, & his Art of Poetry,  Nebojša Buhać stated:

It has, at one point, been proclaimed that poetry is dead. What better proof that there is a vibrant life of poetry today than the one found in works of original word-weavers like the Worcester, MA native they call “rome”? Whose pen leaves traces of gracefulness, and the mastery of a magician’s hand. All while taking you on a vivid journey through the brightest landscapes and darkest depths of a life you’ve never lived. That is only a part of the experience provided to you by a poet whose words exceed the traditional notions of poetry, with a unique richness of style and the courage to dive into the unexplored parts of a familiar, yet authentic, human story.


Long time admirers of the written word might easily find themselves in awe at the proficient wordplay which fills this poetic journey with a flavor of its own; and those who have just been introduced to poetry will remember opening this book as the moment when they entered a completely new, breathtaking world reflecting our deepest fears and desires, failures and victories. Poetry itself is the reflection of a struggle, and Rome’s words will make you feel the complexity of every step on the path of life, heading into an unknown direction


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