I was asked to do a Q&A for a website called “Ask Me Anything” (AMA).

The following Questions were Answered about "TAPPED, YET UNROOTED".

Frequently asked questions

Did you ever consider bringing to justice those who abused you when you were younger?

No. In our family you were groomed to “forgive, 'n forget”. However, one of them is currently paying for their misdeeds, & another is no longer alive. Life has a funny way of working itself out sometimes.

Do you write short stories too? Would you consider writing novels as well?

I'd like to think of all of my poem's as short stories. Each one is different, & unique, in its own way. To push that a little further, I do have aspersions to write many children's books. This is just the one that I wanted to introduce myself with. To start my life as an Author off with a bang.. *literally*

Will you be self-publishing this book or are you getting help from a publisher?

My goal has always been to obtain representation from a formidable literary agent. However, I was fortunate enough to be recognized by a close friend, who is also a Published Author. He then put me in contact with my PYP. They signed me to a Traditional Publishing deal, & here we are.

Have you spoken or written about these painful experiences before this book?

Never to this extent. Tapped is me ridding my mind of every moment that's ever f*cked me up inside. And I'm not talking “whaoh is me - I need pity”. I'm talking real dysfunction. I've since written some teaser poem's. But nothing the likes of what you'll read within this book.

Do you still love your family? Do you keep in touch?

I've got nothin' but love for my family. Aside from two individuals in particular, I'm good. I keep to a small circle of family. So, staying in touch for me isn't something I go out of my way to do. Weddings & Funerals are where I do most of my catching up. Sad, but true.

I am the author of over seventy books in print, as well as the chief editor of a Publishing Co. You have been through some rough stuff, and I think that's putting it mildly. It's excellent that you're putting it to poetry. Does it feel cleansing and cathartic to use creativity as a means to heal and come to peace with your past?

It's most definitely felt cleansing. That's a great word, by the way. Being able to finally clear my mind, is an opportunity I never thought would be presented to me. I've taken this ball, & run away with it. No looking back!

What do you do to ensure that your children won’t experience the same abuses you had as a child?

First, & Foremost, I'm always around. Secondly, my children & I talk about everything. Third, I've always tried to stay extremely active in their day to day lives as they'd allow me to. Many times being called "over protective". But that's okay.

Did writing this book bring back the painful feelings you had in the past?

Absolutely! If there's ever been a traumatic moment that's occurred in your life.. one in which you'd forced yourself to forget.. Imagine bringing that moment to the forefront, & documenting it, while trying to rhyme every sentence.. a couple hundred times. And that's with leaving out eighty four poems, that quite possible made me laugh, smile, or feel indifferent. Needless to say; I cried A LOT!

How did your family react to your book? Are they supportive of your decision to publish this?

My family is split, when it comes to the book. I think the vast majority of them are concerned with what I may have written, where it pertains to their involvement. Which I'm fully understanding towards. The other half, has been totally supportive, knowing that my intentions are pure. I guess it all depends upon who's harboring a portion (or more) of guilt, & who's concerned with how this book may/may not effect the outlook towards the family. I guess both are logical concerns.

How did you learn writing poems? Did you learn on your own or did you have to go to school for this?

I wrote my fist poem by accident, while creating a Facebook status towards my children. I remember the last two or three lines rhymed, & I got the most likes that I'd ever received on a status. That was eleven year's, & many poem's, ago.

Are you and your parents and siblings in a better relationship now?

We used to all be able to be civil towards one another. That's all changed, over the past couple of year's. Although, I'd never want/allow my children to be disrespectful towards a Family member. With that said, I try to lead by example. So, to fully answer your question, I'd say no. But I'll always put on a "brave face" and endure other's as needed. I can't answer for anyone else.

How long did it take before you were able to finish writing this book?

Keeping in mind that I'm severely OCD.. I spent an entire year writing. I then spent another year editing/fine tuning. Just to ensure that every poem flows like a river. Then another. Then a couple of rewrites. Honestly, it took me nine year's to build up enough courage, to stop manipulating it, & to finally call it complete. After all, this is my debut. I had to make sure it was my absolute very best work. Which I truly believe it is.

After suffering from abuse from so long, did you ever have the tendency to be abusive as well?

I've never been abusive. However, I've developed an extremely low tolerance for b.s. - Meaning, I'm quick to set other's straight. Especially if I feel at all threatened, in any way. My mouth is my defense mechanism. It has gotten me into a lot of trouble. Once I started writing, that "problem" was quickly handed over to the pen. I couldn't count how many times I've been told that I have "a way with word's". This book also covers one of those moments, which was chuck full of sentence enhancers, & derogatory remarks. Not something that I'm proud of but at the time it was necessary. I've honestly made a conscientious decision to change my own path. That started by NOT repeating the cycle.

Do you write about happy memories of your younger years too?

Yes! In fact, there are moments in this book that will make you laugh out loud. I stayed extremely true to myself, while trying to document the most informative memories possible. I didn't wanna leave anything out. Although that was the inevitable.

Will you be sharing with your children the stories of abuse you had as a child?

My older children have an idea. I don't go into detail. They know that Dad had it rough, growing up, & that's why I work so hard to ensure that they don't. With this book being published, it's inevitable that they'll (someday know everything. My hope is that they realize that you can overcome any & all odds. Like I have. And still be a good human being.

Did you ever seek therapy after going through such a painful childhood?

No therapy for me. Does "Anger Management" count!? Haha

Among all the experiences you had as a child, which one was the most painful for you?

My most painful memory is revealed towards the end of this book. That's all I'm gonna say about it. Buy it.. Read it.. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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