Publish Your Purpose Press Interview  | 06/24/2020

Tapped, Yet Unrooted: Poetic Word Slaughter Can toxic family secrets ever be forgiven or forgotten?


J.E. Rome's raw, visceral poetry is a personal and chronological journey through the hell of growing up in a dysfunctional family where when bad things happen, there's no one to blame but yourself.


Rome faces the skeletons in the closet head-on: from childhood trauma, abuse, and parental neglect to the soul-ravaging effects of poverty and addiction.


Graphic and hard-hitting, this unforgettable memoir, structured as a collection of poems, takes you through the darkest places of the human heart to the light of hope and truth.


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Belonging Factor Podcast Interview (Part 1) | 05/22/2020

For survivors of trauma, trying to understand where you "belong" can be difficult. Poet, author, and survivor,

J.E. rome I Poet joins The Belonging Factor podcast to share how he's taken control of his story in his poetic memoir, Tapped Yet Unrooted.

His style has been likened to that of Eminem. His self-described style, "Poetic Word Slaughter," is raw, deeply emotional and yet somehow still full of hope.

Give a listen to the episode right now. Best 20 minutes you'll spend today.  For the full interview click HERE 

Seltzertime Podcast Interview | 05/12/2020

We talk with J.E. rome., author of "Tapped Yet Unrooted: Poetic Word Slaughter" on this weeks show. Rome has spent the last nine years putting the pen to paper to bring his story out. We get a look into his beginning as a poet, the ups and downs of telling your story through your own words, and the process of becoming first-time published author. "Tapped Yet Unrooted" became available everywhere books are sold Friday, May 15th!

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