"TAPPED, yet unrooted"

It's all about comparison. How far are you willin' t'let your mind venture off, t'think?

Tree's get tapped FOR syrup, while people get tapped FROM syrup (alcohol/drugs).

Tree's stand strong due to their roots, while most family structures do the same.

What happens when a tree is unrooted? It grows up differently from those that have themselves firmly planted to the ground. This also applies to our family structure.

Jus' look at how many families are bein' raised by a single Mother/Father? How many children have witnessed life with an unrooted parent? Hell, most every one of us know someone who's entire home was unrooted. . . We know someone(s) who grew up in foster care. . . in "the system".

We really, really, overlook children in broken homes. They don't grow up the same way as kid's with "strong roots". It's merely a fact. A fact that I've never allowed myself to forget. Don't even get me started on those that have unrooted themselves.

Shit --- It's become the norm to turn your back on family member's.

That never would've flown in our Grandparent's era. Strong roots. Strong beliefs. Strong moral compasses. They didn't believe in divorce. You rode it out. "Ride or die" was implicated in the fricken vows. . . "Til death do us part." Our generation? --- "Til somethin' better comes along" (person/situation/other). It's pathetic.

I sit.

I watch.

I observe.

I learn.

I've learned. . . the hard way. I'm a victim of the latter. It flat out sucks watchin' not jus' one, but two of your families torn apart the exact same way. You lose faith. You lose hope. You lose a part of yourself. . . as a child. . . as an adult. . . I know both.

Then you look at the grand scheme of things. When your relatives begin breakin' away from the tree, & startin' families of their own. --- What happens?

Another family feud.

We're no longer talkin'.

They unroot THEIR family from the rest of the family.

The cycle repeats itself, time & time again.

It's fuckin' crazy. . .No, it's "TAPPED". . .No, it's "TAPPED, yet unrooted".

In a nut shell. * pun intended *


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