Yes, you read that correctly.

It's the answer to that age old question: "Where to begin?" --- At the beginnin', of course. . . the very beginnin'.

Page #1.

This is the scene where y'boy was created. This is also where his troubles would start. . . An unwanted birth. Do you know how hard you have to swim just to become a part of this cruel world? You literally have to race, to become a part of the human race. Well, he's been a competitor since that first blast. . .of the gun.

Imagine bein' the "Prodigal Son" from birth? That was always his predetermined course. What does that mean, you ask? --- "Prodigal is a person who left home, often under bad terms, and who then has a long-awaited and much celebrated return home." --- In his case, leavin' home wasn't a choice. . . on any of the several occasions that he was (for lack of a better term) thrown to the curb. HOMELESS. . . "You should've been adopted!" He never fully healed from those words. Nor the followin' set of circumstances.

I say it often, but it really is crazy how life works. How God works. I truly believe that we control our ultimate destiny. . . That doesn't come without first learnin' how to cope with the trials & tribulations that this world has to offer. Everyone has a story. A beginning, a middle, & an end. How will your story play out? Will you take control of the narrative? Or will you allow someone else to dictate your every experience until that final chapter is written?

I think we both know the answer. . .

And for God's sake, don't ever allow anyone else to blame YOU for their "mistakes". That's how he came into this world. . . 'n ever since, made t'feel like someone elses mistake. It sucks!

If you've ever felt this way; "I'm sorry."

We all know how much that shit hurts. . . But we also know that it makes us stronger human bein's. And there's power in that knowledge, isn't there?

You're G'damn right there is!


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