Here today. . . Gone tomorrow.

No, I'm not talkin' 'bout money. What I'm talkin' 'bout is supposed to last forever. It's the essence in which household integrity is built upon. The key to boostin' ancestral moral. The glue that binds everyone to a surname. I'm talkin' 'bout that good ol' fashion SUPPORT of your family. . . sprinkled with a tad bit of embarrassment.

I once said that a certain family member was "so disloyal that they'd turn their back on their own shoulders". --- How's that for a visual?

Sad thing is. . . I meant every word.

Sadder thing is. . . It's the truth.

Do you know what it's like not to be able to trust those that are supposed to have YOUR back through thick 'n thin? Like: "Blood is thicker than water", thick 'n thin? Yeah, him too. Hurts, doesn't it? Yeah, we know. He couldn't possibly count the number of times that he's been scorned by someone that was supposed to have his best interest at hand. It's gotten to the point where disappointment is expected. Where anytime the phone rings you gear up for the shenanigans. Where his head became so overflowin' with the remnants of traumatic experiences that could send chills down a polar bear's spine. "A cold day in hell" would beat a hot night inside of his mind, any day.

Nobody asks him how he feels. Nobody asks him what it's like. Nobody cares. . . to know the truth.

The truth hurts.

Don't nobody enjoy bein' hurt.

They don't enjoy readin' hurt, either.

Why does HIS hurt. . .hurt THEM?

Because it's the TRUTH!

Jus' like that, full circle. . . "What goes around, come back around."

Instead, they turn their backs.


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