I almost made a huge mistake!

I used to think that I was a great judge of character. I mean.. Who knows family, better than their own family? At least this is what I used to think.

In the early stages of the writing process, I'd written out a long-ass dedication to someone whom I'd looked up to my entire life. Every decision that I made, growin' up & as a young adult, was based upon what I felt their reaction might be. "What would so & so think if I did this?" All I ever wanted to do was to make you proud. Regardless of the past. I thought, honestly thought, that if anyone was gonna get it. . . It would be you. If anyone could show some compassion. . . it would be you. --- I couldn't have been more wrong.

Sometimes your gut instinct is spot on. "Always follow your heart." Upon the final reedit of this book, I removed that dedication & replaced it with one that I felt more strongly about. Truth is. . . There was somethin' about the initial one that made me feel like I was wastin' my time. I just had this feelin' like I needed to focus more on those that would appreciate the sentiment, & grasp onto the content within these pages. --- Boy, was I right!

Imagine almost publicly dedicatin' your most intimate body of work to someone that would ultimately end up turning their back on you - over said body of work!? Yup. . . That almost happened to me. The Good Lord works in mysterious ways, & I'm payin' close attention to detail.

"This book is dedicated to YOU!" In my life, I've been through a ton of shit. I've seen a ton of shit. I've been told a ton of shit. I've heard a ton of shit. I carried the burden of a ton of shit. --- But so have you. I recognize that. And if you're anythin' like me, you've felt alone. . . A LOT! You know what it feels like to be afraid (even in your own home). You know how it feels to go to bed hungry. You know what it feels like when that slipper leaves a foot, or a belt is drawn off of a waste. You know what it's like to "FEEL" the sound of a beer can bein' cracked open. . . because you also know the potential that this sound carries. You know abuse, in every sense of the word. You know what it feels like to put on a brave face, & masquerade in front of the world. --- I wanted YOU to know that you aren't alone. It means so much to me that you know this. . . Listen! You're never alone in whatever struggle you're dealing with. There's always gonna be someone that's been there. --- I've been there.

THIS is my story. . . I'm still here. . . I'm finally ready to share it with YOU!


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