"Tapped, Yet Unrooted is captivating from cover to cover. Rome poured his heart and soul into this book and it shows. He shares the horrific details of abuse and neglect, and the life he endured from infant to adult; which is unfathomable. It was a simple, yet horrifying read. I couldn't put it down. Rome has somehow overcome adversity with his familial adversaries and survived a childhood that nightmares are made of." 

Tara Erickson

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant

"The deepest, powerfully raw, poetry you'll ever read! Poetically witty! These are the most darkest and unfiltered poems ever. When you pick up the book you'll quickly realize that you are in the front seat of the poet's traumatized life. Easy to understand, heartbreaking read, hard to put down." 

Emmanuel Forty

Technical Recruiter

"Rome does for poetry what Eminem does for rap. An unbelievable magical array of perfection in words, through raw, rough, beautiful yet brutal reality that tells a story most aren’t brave enough to share. A million accolades and all the thumbs up still would barely scratch the surface of what this man brings to the world through his gift of poetry. To say I love him, is an understatement. READ THIS BOOK!" 

Amila Elizabeth

Career Nanny (Retired)

"Tapped, Yet Unrooted takes you on an emotional ride into the life of a man carrying deeply embeded scars. The lyrical flow of each poem is flawless and the story within each poem captivates you and keeps you wanting more. Even though the story behind each poem is often times dark and tragic, somehow Rome still makes you laugh and leaves you with a little hope for the next volume. In the end this book is about survival and overcoming the obsticals put in place by the very people in life that are supposed to protect and lift you up. A must read!"

Brian Chenevert

Author, Historian | Settlement Case Mngr.

"This book can and will touch many hearts and souls .... While reading it I was moved to several different emotional thoughts and feelings .... Right from the beginning of Tapped, Yet Unrooted I found that I could easily connect with the Author on many levels in my life, and can also relate it to the lives of people that I know .... Trust that what Author J.E. rome has put together was carefully written and well thought out.... Once you pick this book up you will not want to put it back down. I'd HIGHLY recommend that everyone read this masterpiece!!"

Erik Iverson

Inventory Control

"The raw, honest, real life, poetic stories in this book are crazy beyond my worst nightmares. The author writes in such a clever way, to extract some of the deepest suppressed memories, as he tries to rise above despite all odds. He takes some of his most traumatizing family secrets out of the darkest shadows of his head, off his chest & onto paper in a way that will have you stunned in more ways than one."

George Walker Jr.

Sales Manager

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